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Jolene Matthews
BA Vis. Communications

Jolene always loved art and drawing at school and after a year of Marketing at DKIT, decided to take a more creative route and enrolled in a portfolio course in O’Fiaich College, Dundalk. At first, she intended to venture into Fine Art but life took a different path and a course in Visual Communications at Dublin Institute of Technology (now TU Dublin)  followed. Jolene has worked in Graphic Design for 15 years and back in 2017, while “drawing” a logo for a client, her long lost love for fine art was rekindled. 

Jolene mostly draws from observation (although photos are sometimes hard to avoid) and enjoys Plein Air outdoor art and Life Drawing. She also enjoys crafting with paper, wood glue and about anything she can get her hands on!

Jolene's Drawings

Jolene’s Drawings was thought up back in 2019, when she visited art galleries and realised that apart from original work and prints, there weren’t very many affordable art gifts for people to buy. As a designer, she was always looking for imagery to create cards, prints, books, coasters and bookmarks so decided to use her own imagery on these so that if the paintings themselves never got sold, the art could still be enjoyed. 

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